Sunday, August 14, 2011


"A few words on my idea and inspiration for the show: While logging onto my Twitter account one day, I noticed a new follower by the name of Sam Diephuis. I am always curious to see who is "following" me and see what their work is about, so naturally I clicked on over to Sam's photography website. I immediately noticed a section of his portfolio titled "Social Media Humo...r" It was a series he was exploring using people's "tweets" paired with his own photographs. I had long admired many of my twitter followers photography work and had an idea to put together a group photography exhibit, showcasing some of my followers work from around the country. Some of these people I have met and know, some are complete strangers that I now have had the pleasure of talking with on the phone and through email. Subject matter was left up to the artists. " By Suzy Mobley Curator for this show